Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The 96 Galactic Deep Space Wing

Here's a visual representation of the 96th Galactic Deep Space Wing. The flights are listed with their official call signs, though all of the flights have their own nicknames.
(Note: I haven't chosen squadron colors for any of these units- if you want to model them, Have at it!! Let me know what you do. First come, first serve. Leave a comment if you do choose to paint up one of these squadrons. The only thing is that I intend the Marine ships to have some sort of camouflage (traditional, interstellar or alien.) And if no one decides to join the 96th Deep Space Wing, that's all right. More units for me to develop! :)
Honestly, I don't think anyone will be chomping at the bit anytime soon. Only a few of you read this blog, since I haven't yet announced it outside of my own little blog neighborhood.And I don't plan to announce it until Hydra gets a War Rocket forum. But for the few who read, I hope you're enjoying the blog so far.

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