Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chapter 1: Battle Chatter

“Bearded Lady, you’ve got two fighters on your six ”
“Got it. Breaking right. Get me a kicker.”
“Rube 3, can you get a visual on Bearded Lady?”
“Roger. Two bogies. I have a shot on one. Gonna take it ... Splash one, splash one. Second bogey breaking off.”
“Thanks, Lieutenant. Freak Show, Hunchback, line’em up. Let’s get this last run done before the rest of the fleet arrives.”
“Roger that. Elmers, flock up.”
“This is Elmer 1 to Elmer flight, pattern beta. Watch the flanks.”
“Lady, Lady I’m hit ”
“Dammit Who is that? ”
“Cyclops, Captain.  Criminy! The torpedo pod is hanging off the wing bouncing around. It won't jettison!”
“This is Rube 3, I can see him, Rip. There’s a heavy fire starboard of Cyclops’ engine ”
“Rubes, get on Cyclops, watch his flank. Strongman, this is Bearded Lady.”
“Go ahead, Lady.”
“Dispatch the monkeys, we may have lifeboats in route.”
“We heard, understood, sir.”
“Cyclops, break off. Try to get to Strongman. Rube 3, stay with Cyclops. Elmers, Rubes, break off. Show is over ”
“Freak Show, Hunchback, stay on the line. And watch that port turret. Marduk definitely trained a gunner over there. Hold tight.”
“Sir, we’re getting crossfire from Ninurta.”
“I got it. Slide heading 10 degrees to port. Dropping torps at 10 clicks.”
“Marking five ”
“Four, three, two one, LET’EM RIP ”
“Torpedoes away ”
“...Ha ha haaaa, Captain, look at her trying to turn She’s not gonna make it. Direct hit! Secondary explosions HA HAAAAA ”
“Hehe, Ok, Hunchback, Freak Show, break three. Engines full. Let’s get back to the fleet, before they miss us.”
“Lady, this is Strongman.”
“Go ‘head, Strong.”
“Fleet has just arrived. A foul-mouthed rear admiral requested you meet him on his ship asap.”
“Old Bulldog. A scotch man. Thanks, Strongman. Freakshow, Hunchback, get back to Squadron. I’ll fly straight to fleet. ”

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