Friday, September 24, 2010

Squadron Colors

Not necessarily 523rd related, but I thought I would share some color scheme ideas for Galacteer ships. I used Photoshop to colorize digital art originally created by Phil Beauchamp at Hydra Miniatures. I didn't want to add squadron numbers since I've already monopolized Nos 523rd, 987th and 599th, but I figure it wouldn't hurt to add squadron nicknames. The schemes here that are not my own creations (not my ideas, but at least my interpretations) are the red rocket of Ace McGuire's Rough Riders, The Killer Bees, and the Space Tigers, all of which are mentioned in the War Rocket rulebook.

Some of these are captioned with squadron nicknames, others simply describe the design (such as "contrasting fuselage," for example.)

My personal favorite so far here is the Table Rock Air National Guard. Table Rock, Neb., is a podunk little town of 200 people that once had a silver water tower with a bright red top. I figure this incarnation of the TRANG is for the protection of some little podunk little colony of 200 settled on some far-flung planet.
By the way, my mom's side of the family comes from Table Rock. I like to go there for vacations; there's nothing to do but sit around and read. Vacation for me is doing as little as possible. Now that I think about it, I think I might paint up the entire TRANG, all three Class 1s and one Class 2 ships :)

Even though I've added nicknames to these, feel free to copy these schemes and use whatever squadron names and numbers you want- these are by no means official (well, accept maybe the published squadrons such as the Rough Riders, but who's to say you can't have red rockets, too?)

47th Command Squadron Courier Flight escort

Contrasting fuselage

Speed stripes

Swept design

Galacteer Protection Force 75th Star Eagles

Alien planet camouflage

Black Widows

Fire Hunters

Red Wings

987th Happy Gats Intercept 1

987th Happy Gats Intercept 2

Comet pattern


Nebular camouflage

Space Tigers

Killer Bees

Mean Midases

Table Rock Air National Guard

523rd Sagan's Sideshow

599th Marine Escort 1

599th Marine Escort 2

Lightning motif

Jupiter's Jester

The Rough Riders

Plieades Ghosts

Devils Raiders

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